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so because I’m sober now I’m not fun to hang out with..?




The problem with a history of depression and anxiety is that you can never know if you’re “just having one of those weeks” or if you’re sliding back down into those places you swore you’d never go again.

100% accurate

probably one of the most terrifying feelings

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once i was sick so i got a prescription for codeine cough syrup and when i went to pick it up the pharmacist was like “you really won’t need all of this” and i was like “it’s ok i could just sell it at school” and he was like “YEAAAAAAAH FUTURE PHARMACIST” and fist bumped me

ok apparently this pharmacist is my brother’s old pot dealer

his name is scooter

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in case nobody has told you today: you are hella bomb, hella cute, and anyone would be hella lucky to have you

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I literally always get like this and I get so mad at you and then want you and then it’s an endless cycle and I end up hurting me internally and you don’t know shit but the thing is this time I really didn’t want to know that shit but now that I do know that SHIT it has enlightened me that no matter how much I try, things won’t change and you won’t change and it’s made me realize that you’re really not worth it—you’re so not worth it because I deserve something better than that and I deserve someone better than that and I know that’s true because you’re the one who keeps telling me I deserve the best and that’s obviously not you. and this time I’m actually done for good.